The Ethic


Much love to my friends and mentors in the community who practice the Ethic (many of whom are younger than me).  There are those out there who make fun of it, and demean it in order to make themselves look superior to their peers, but my moral compass runs true.  I am not afraid to get my ass kicked anymore (or worse).  You can only kick a dog so many times before he bites back.  Welcome to the neighborhood.


In regards to the purpose of this site, I never wanted to be here.  I wanted to hack shit and chase UFO's (hence the shitty drupal site... any pro-Bono web dev's out there??).  There's a philosophical allegory that in general, states.. once you partially ingest the truth, you had better bite the head off, else that truth will eat you.  I'm chewing away.  Breaking taboos actually isn't so bad.. especially when the pillars are based on diseased Information.


The real weapon in the fight we are all facing isn't a damn gun.. it's real Information. A gun is a tool used to kill.. nothing to glorify nor be proud of.  Unfortunately, it's come to the point where everyone is scared for their lives because neo-nazi thugs are prowling around in their neighborhoods.  No one has a choice anymore.


Real Information needs a conduit for communication. Proper communication cannot be done through biased social media (IMHO).