Much love to the Slovakian Family!  Veľa lásky slovenskej rodine!


"Manifesto of Roma skinheads"

This is the manifesto of Roma skinheads
It calls for the killing of all prejudices!

Okan sitinel kalal sakoneste!
Start a fire, let the heart burn
Strike with anger, end the war that lies to all
Start a fire so that you can see even in the dark
Get rid of fear, break the wall that prevents you from living in freedom!

Cut the rope, let the mind breathe
Grab a knife and kill the racist inside you
Cut the rope, let the lie disappear
Hit the system that we are ashamed of!

"One chance"

the only chance is to drive you out of town, the only chance is the hard way!

You wanted to take our streets
Rebels with fake bald heads
You shamelessly took the life of the mother of a Roma family
Rich sons of sold fathers of justice

You wanted to control the rising sun
But you forgot who is the real master here!
Therefore, the only chance is to drive you out of town,
Where a difficult journey awaits you!